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HT1042 Slow-Speed Shredder


The HT1042 is an aggressive, versatile slow-speed shredder. Designed as a universal machine for reducing wood (demolition wood, green waste, etc.), industrial waste (construction, demolition, tires, plastic, etc.) and other waste streams, it features a single-rotor design, adjustable anvil and removable grate system, allowing the operator to quickly change machine set-up based on material to be processed and desired end product. Like all Morbark equipment, the HT1042 Slow-speed Shredder is a long-lasting, durable machine backed by a world-class parts and service support team.

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Belly Conveyor

Belly Conveyor is 17'10" x 40" (5.44 m x 12.19 m), featuring pan support with Dura-lite™ slides and EP 400/3 smooth belting.

Stacking Conveyor

Stacking Conveyor is 25'6" x 48" (7.77 m x 121.92 cm), featuring pan support with Dura-lite™ slides and 3-ply aggregate belt with chevron cleats

Base End Wall

1" thick A572 GR 50 steel used for supporting the Rotor Drives and as the foundation for the base.

Rotor Surface Wear Plates

3/8" AR400 steel welded onto Rotor Drum for added strength and durability


Machined and Heat Treated Alloy Steel with tungsten carbide applied for extended wear

Hammer/Insert Holder

2½" thick 4140HT steel welded to the rotor tube for secure bolting of inserts.

Counter Knife/Anvil Tooth Assembly

1 ¼" AR400 steel welded to 1" A572 GR 50 steel. This is where the hammer passes through to make the initial cut/breakdown of material.

Counter Knife/Anvil Door Position Adapter

1 ½" A572 GR 50 steel, the door can be arranged in 6 different positions to alter size of end product and tolerance level for trapped metal contamination.

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HT1042 Slow-Speed Shredder
Machine weight70,547 lb, 32,000 kg
Length (transport)32’5″, 9.88 m
Length (operating)51’7″, 15.72 m
Height (transport)13′, 3.96 m
Height (operating)11’11”, 3.63 m
Width8’4″, 2.54 m
Discharge Height15′, 4.57 m
EngineCAT or Scania
Horsepower540 HP (402.7 kW), 402.7 kW
Fuel capacity (tank)184 gallons, 696.5 litres
Hydraulic oil capacity200 gallons, 757 litres
Machine weight (tracked unit)81,000 lb, 36,740 kg
Length (transport) (tracked unit)28’11”, 8.8 m
Length (operating) (tracked unit)48’1″, 14.65 m
Height (transport) (tracked unit)12’2″, 3.71 m
Height (operating) (tracked unit)14’3″, 4.34 m
Width (tracked unit)8’4″, 2.54 m
Discharge Height (tracked unit)14’1″, 4.29 m
Engine (tracked unit)CAT or Scania
Horsepower (tracked unit)540 HP, 402.7 kW
Fuel capacity (tank) (tracked unit)184 gallons, 696.5 litres
Hydraulic oil capacity (tracked unit)210 gallons, 794 litres
Rotor Chamber3’6″X 9’8″, 1.06 m x 2.95 m
Rotor Length9’10”, 3 m
Rotor Diameter3’5″, 1.04 m
Rotor Weight9,500 lb, 4,309 kg
Rotor speed variable0 to 40 RPM
Rotor torque2.2 million inch pounds, 248,5666 N m
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